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AquaRio - Rio de Janeiro

AquaRio, also known as Aquário Rio, brings together around 8,000 animals from 350 different species from all oceans.

Among the main species present in the aquarium are: the nurse shark, the whitetip reef shark, the blacktip reef shark and the mangona dogfish._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The fish are distributed in 28 enclosures, which hold a total of 4.5 million liters of salt water.

AquaRio visitors can also enjoy the Virtual Aquarium, the digital aquarium that has fish created by visitors, the Science Museum, comprising the Plankton Station and the Shell Exhibition and also  do the Surf Museum .

With all this structure it will certainly be a favorite place to visit.

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AquaRio has a coffee, a center of scientific research in Rio de Janeiro, um parking  and a store of souvenirs, including kiosks.

A public aquarium located in the Gamboa neighborhood, in the Central Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.


With a constructed area of around 26,000 m², it is considered the largest marine aquarium in South America.

Reserve a special day to  enjoy all the joy that awaits you, always be very well prepared to make the day more than unforgettable, great photographs will be recorded.

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 Learn More  Location:

AquaRio is located between a Muhammad Ali Square, Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

A place you will never forget, it's fantastic.

Have a good time!

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