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Aqueduto Carioca - Rio de Janeiro
Carioca Aqueduct

Better known as Arcos da lapa , the Rio de Janeiro aqueduct had its   first studies to bring the waters of the Rio Carioca to the city by determination of the then governor  of Rio de Janeiro, Martim Correia de Sá (1602-1608).

In 1624, a contract for the construction of the conduit was signed with Domingos da Rocha. The work was completed in 1723, taking the waters to Fonte da Carioca, a fountain also erected in that year, which distributed them to the population in the aforementioned Campo de Santo Antônio.

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Considered as the largest architectural work undertaken in Brazil during the colonial period, it is today one of the city's postcards, the most representative symbol of ancient Rio de Janeiro preserved in the bohemian region of Lapa.

In addition to many tourists taking outstanding photos in the aqueduct, many events are held very close, making the surroundings full of leisure and gastronomy options.

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The Arcos da Lapa are located in the region da limpet,  in the neighborhood of limpet, na Central Zone do County do Rio de Janeiro, no Brazil.

Very close is theSelaron Staircasewhich also delights with its history.
It is worth checking.

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