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Cachoeira do Mendanha
Mendanha Waterfall

The Mendanha Waterfall has springs of crystal clear water, with waterfalls formed by unevenness of the Guandu do Sapé River, in the Serra do Mendanha.


It presents a huge place for leisure with the family, on a hot sunny day in Rio de Janeiro, nothing better than enjoying the natural pools formed by the water of the waterfall, which is clear and pleasant.

An excellent place for those who enjoy extreme sports, it has a large lake for diving, a beautiful waterfall that is used for rappelling   in addition to a natural slide.

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The trail does not have exemplary signage, but it has good  demarcation, and there are many visitors along the way.


For this reason, the route is well defined, there are few signs indicating where you have to go, it won't be very difficult to find. but pay close attention to possible bifurcations.


The terrain is very rough and you will climb roots and rocks a lot along the way.

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 Learn More  Location:

The waterfall is inside the Municipal Park of Serra do Mendanha - Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

It has a moderate degree of difficulty , it's worth the physical preparation.

Time approximately 1 hour, based on continuous rhythm

It's  one of the few attractions you'll have nearby, but it's one of the best that  will do in Rio.

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