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 Brazil Paradise

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The Brasil Paraíso project shows the customs, habits, practices and domains of social life that manifest themselves in knowledge, crafts and ways of doing things; celebrations; forms of scenic, plastic, musical or playful expression on the coast and in tourist spots in Brazil, in an organic way.

We realize that in this sense, countless foundations seek in their breadth, to bring different forms of humanitarian aid to the most needy, and Brasil Paraíso aims to add another quality to people's lives.


The most coveted places on the entire planet, to take those nice vacations, reorganize your energies, rest, enjoy and interact in a broad way have always been close to nature, the places closest to paradise.

We want, on a national scale, to bring knowledge, forms of access, incentive, local culture in videos, photos, texts on various platforms such as facebook, instagram, youtube and our own website.


The pilot project is exposed in the media mentioned above, available for anyone anywhere in the world to access and benefit from the information.


Videos come with subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish, covering over 50 countries

On our website, we post more than 500 places, with information and photos, but we don't have more complete videos and information to be disseminated on a large scale.


At all times someone is looking for a place to have fun, relax and enjoy the best there is, we want to bring this information to everyone, especially those who have less access to information.




The benefits extend to that time, imagine a free collection with countless photos and videos from 100 years ago?


There are forms of dissemination that can be directed to a certain public, choosing to be directed to some places, some regions, age group, gender, among others...

We know that the effects will not be instantaneous, organically and little by little, people get to know it and introduce it to their loved ones, but knowledge is fundamental.


The project covers numerous areas.







community development



structural poverty


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We thank you for your collaboration.

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Brazil Paradise 



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