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Trilha Farol Novo - Arraial do Cabo
Farol Novo trail

Built on the island of Cabo Frio to replace the functions of the already obsolete Farol Velho.


It uses modern technology to guide maritime navigation in this region. it is on the route of boat trips that visit the island. Access by trail from Praia da Ilha. 

The trail is very quiet, open all the time, which exposes us to the sun throughout its route. animals of all kinds can be seen, which   obliges you to pay attention along the way.

To participate in the trails, a person must be over 14 and under 68 years old. Persons over 60 years of age must, obligatorily, present a medical certificate.

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Departures for the trail to Farol Novo begin with a concentration scheduled for 8:00 am at the Oceanographic Museum with departures scheduled for 9:00 am.  

Those interested in participating are required to:

Take enough water and a snack for about 4 to 5 hours, Wear a cap and sunscreen;

It will be mandatory to wear long pants, a half-sleeved shirt and closed shoes suitable for trail or tennis.

It is worth remembering that shoes with smooth or slippery soles will not be allowed to climb, The Island has venomous animals, such as snakes, spiders and centipedes;

- Take bags to store your own garbage.

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 Learn More  Location:

Address for the Farol Novo trail: IEAPM Oceanographic Museum, located in Praça Daniel Barreto s/nº, Praia dos Anjos - Arraial do Cabo/RJ.

Enjoy this marvel.



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