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Forte de Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana Fort

Copacabana Fort was inaugurated in 1914 by the then President of the Republic, Marshal Hermes da Fonseca.   was considered, at the time, the most modern war square in South America and a milestone for military engineering of its time. Its first commander, appointed in 1912, still during construction, was Major Antônio Carlos Brasil.

In the context of World War II, the fort remained in readiness.


Its last artillery shots were given by order of the loyalist military under the command of Marshal Teixeira Lott, against the Cruiser Tamandaré in November 1955.

This vessel was transporting Carlos Luz, some ministers and allies towards Santos.


On that occasion, twelve shots were fired, without, however, hitting the vessel, which was unarmed and with only one propeller in operation.

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Officially known as Army History Museum  it currently has a flow of around ten thousand visitors per month, constituting one of the most beautiful postcards of the city.


The tourist can choose between the restricted visit, just to the external areas, and the complete visit, including the interior of the fort and the Historical-Military Museum.

It will be a visit that will transport you to the past, a work of art preserved and preserved in a glorious way.

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Copacabana Fort is located at Coronel Square. Eugênio Franco, 1, Posto 6 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 1900 pm.

Be sure to appreciate the history of this fort.


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