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Mirante Praia dos Barreiros - Ilhabela
Mirador Praia dos Barreiros

The Praia dos Barreiros viewpoint is located towards the north of the island, about 7.5 kilometers from the ferry, has a 90º view and the place has infrastructure to receive tourists with parking, benches, some trash cans and a space_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ lawn.  

From there it is possible to see  some neighboring cities, such as Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião, in addition to Praia dos Barreiros itself.


In the 1960s   there was a bridge with rails for small wagons used to transport ice and fish.

Today there is a sign that gives a special touch to an excellent photo and registers a remarkable moment.

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To the right of the lookout is Praia do Barreiros, with facilities for sailing and stand up paddle.


It has shallow waters and many coconut trees on its edge. To get to the viewpoint you will pass by the beaches of Perequê, Itaguaçu, Saco da Capela and Vila de Ilhabela, which is located before the beach.


Following the main avenue, after passing by Praia de Santa Tereza, there is a steep climb and the lookout will be on the left side.

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The Mirante Praia dos Barreiros is located at  Avenida Luís Massa, 2-608 - Viana, Ilhabela - Estado ng São Paulo, 11630-000

Cozy environment, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

An amazing view of Ilhabela, a fun ride, a place worth checking out.


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