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Museu do Amanhã - Rio de Janeiro
Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum was presented as an icon of the reurbanization of the port area. One of the objectives of building the museum was to strengthen the cultural and international identity of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro has always been well known for its beaches and events, such as o carnival, but there was a need to strengthen the  culture. O

The Museum of Tomorrow was built on Pier Mauá, in the middle of a large green area. There are around 30,000 square meters, with gardens, reflecting pools, a bike path and a leisure area.  

A tourist attraction that unites futuristic aspects and the feel of nature, truly a rare gem. 

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The Museum is located where the old disabled pier used to be and now houses this post-modern, organic and sustainable building, which is currently an icon of the local and cultural identity  of Praça Mauá in Rio de Janeiro


  The museum has  the intention to showcase arts and sciences, in addition to warning   about the dangers of climate change, environmental degradation and collapse Social.

Solar spines move along the skylight designed to adapt to changing environmental conditions, fantastic  architecture, design and purpose.

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 Learn More  Location:

The Museum of Tomorrow is located at  Praça Mauá, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

It will be a fun and enriching day.


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