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Praia da Barra de Guaratiba - Rio de Janeiro
Praia da B. de Guaratiba

"Guaratiba" is a term from the Tupi language that means "gathering of guarás", through the combination of the terms  guará and tyba .

Guaratiba beach is an invitation to tourists who are looking for peace, beautiful landscapes, contact with nature and a lot of adventure.

It is the farthest from the city center and borders the Restinga de Marambaia.

Principal  beach in the area with several kiosks, boardwalk and seafood restaurants on the waterfront. Calm sea with clear waters and on weekends the beach is home to many   tourists from various places.

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The region has been gaining notoriety  mainly because of Pedra do Telegrafo, which became famous on social media for giving the idea of being able to take a photo on the edge of the abyss.


There is a trail that takes around 30-40 minutes to climb, the details on how to reach the summit I recommend reading post Pedra do Telegrafo Trail.

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The beach is located in Barra de Guaratiba, a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro that is still little explored by tourists and is perfect for those who enjoy nature, the beach and adventure.

It is quite far from the Center and the main tourist attractions, about 2 hours away, but the visit will be memorable.

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