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Praia Pontal de Maracaípe - Porto de Galinhas
Pontal de Maracaipe Beach

Maracaípe has been chosen by tourists to rest and enjoy the peace of the place. this has been happening due to the large number of people who now frequent the neighboring beaches.

Recognized as a beach rich in environmental reserves. The preservation of the Mangue on this beach has always been on the stage of discussion by environmentalists and natives, 

Maracaípe has been the beach for surfing in Pernambuco for a long time, it has hosted numerous championships and many competitions that brought international athletes, on the beach there is a kiosk that sells and repairs surfboards,  in the same sense as a beach of Sufis.

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It is one of the main beaches in the Brazilian Northeast, much loved by  tourists from everywhere, mainly from Latin America,


Porto de Galinhas has a  wealth of culture  besides being a masterpiece of nature, a place that you will fall in love with as soon as you step on the sand, the environment has a innovative energy.

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Pontal de Maracaípe Beach is located in - Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca - Pernambuco, - PE.

It will be  an outstanding visit, take the opportunity to visit the surrounding places.

Have a good time!

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