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Praia do Leão - Fernando de Noronha
Praia do Leão

For those who prefer an isolated beach with few people, it may be the ideal choice. a Praia do Leão is one of the most beautiful beaches in Noronha. the view you have when you get to the beach is incredible, a perfect place to take pictures, but be careful when putting your feet in the sand   as it is the island's main turtle nesting beach.


As it is a beach further away from the most frequented places, it does not have infrastructure, so try to take water, supplies, sunscreen and umbrellas. always be well prepared.

A little before reaching this paradise, there is a lookout point that provides the visitor with a view of the place, which together with the islands Morro do Leão and Morro da Viuvinha form a beautiful sight.

It's really a fabulous place, very beautiful beach.

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The beach got its name because there is a huge rock formation in the sea that vaguely resembles a lying sea lion. 

This beach is subject to strong sea currents. Before practicing water activities, assess the condition of the sea and your own limits.

The beach is within the protected area of the park. In the left corner there are beautiful pools between coral reefs, where walking or diving is not allowed.

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Praia do Leão   is located in Fernando de Noronha,  Pernambuco, 53990-000.

Beach to relax, enjoy a true wonder.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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