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T16 - Dois Rios - Parnaioca  - Ilha Grande
T16 Dois Rios - Parnaioca

T16 - Dois Rios - Parnaioca 7500 m / 7600 m - 3h  ( difficult level - very steep circuit ). 

Along the shores of Ilha Grande and through a good part of its native forest.

Trail T16 is not very frequented, it is possible that the forest is closed. And a walk for experienced people.

On long holidays or even depending on the season, you may be prevented from arriving  if the number of visitors is within the allowed limit. This control is done by park rangers in Dois Rios.

On the way you will have as attractions Wild animals, Toca das Cinzas, Campings and suites, Sacred Church, Coração de Jesus and Cachoeira da Parnaioca

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Distance: 15,200m - 15,600m (round trip)
Time: 5am - 6pm
Middle level
Maximum altitude: 150m

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Always have repellent, sunscreen and money with you.

Do not hike any of the trails alone.

Take a good walk. have a good time!

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