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Trilha Bico do Papagaio  - Rio de Janeiro
Bico do Papagaio trail

The Bico do Papagaio trail starts at Largo do Bom Retiro, a road that starts next to the Park headquarters (Barracão), It is 987 meters high, from there you will have a view of Niterói   Marambaia - extreme points of the southern part of Rio de Janeiro. 

The trail has  slope, zigzag and forks where one leads to Papagaio and the other to Pico da Tijuca. the choice for the parrot is the left da .

After this fork you will find others again. it requires, in addition to willingness, an adventurous spirit.

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Previously the rock was called Pedra Dente or Dente dos Espíritos, due to the resemblance to a parrot's beak that gave the name, from its top it is possible to see a good part of the city, highlighting the beaches of Barra and Recreio and parts of Jacarepaguá to the bottom.

Very interesting history, beautiful and super attractive place, the tour becomes very fun when the visitor is aware of the information that most wants to visit the place.

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The Bico do Papagaio trail starts at   at Praça Afonso Viseu, Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro - RJ. 

Degree of difficulty,  from moderate to heavy.

Time of approximately 01:30 hours. 

Distance of 3:400km.


Always be prepared to do a trail no matter how easy it seems.

Have a good time!

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