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motto  from Fortaleza, present in your coat of arms, is the word em Latin Fortitudine, which, in Portuguese, means "strength, valor, courage".

At a distance of approximately 2,200 km from Brasília, the federal capital, the city developed on the banks of the Pajeú stream, and its toponymy is an allusion to the Fort which gave rise to the municipality, built by the Dutch during their second stay there, between 1649 and 1654.

Fortaleza is a Brazilian municipality, capital of the state of Ceará, located in the Northeast region of the country.

Fortaleza's coastline is 34 kilometers long, with many beaches. Its limits are the mouth of the rivers Ceará, to the north, and Pacoti, to the south.


Praias de Fortaleza
Fortaleza beaches

The municipality is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north; Maracanaú, Itaitinga and Pacatuba to the south; Caucaia to the west and Eusébio and Aquiraz to the east. 

Fortaleza is one of the smallest capitals in the country in terms of land area. It is also the closest Brazilian state capital to the European continent, 5,608 km from Lisbon.

It has a semi-humid tropical climate with an average annual temperature of around 27°C.
Without having exactly defined the   rainy seasons, from January to June (summer and autumn) and the dry season, from August to December (winter and spring), with July being a transition month between the two seasons.

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Ponto Turístico de Fortaleza
Fortaleza's Landmark
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