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A footpath or trail is a path or road used for walking outdoors by hikers, cyclists or other forms of locomotion.


It is an activity, generally sporting, non-competitive, essentially practiced in natural environments, obtaining its practitioners the benefits inherent to the practice of outdoor activities.


It also works as a way to escape the stress and sedentary lifestyle of everyday life in cities, while allowing a greater understanding of ourselves.

We separate for you some places with the most frequented trails in Brazil:

The tour is not restrictive and can be done in different ways, which is why it is called a tour:

On foot, also known as pedestrianism or hikers

by bike, automobile e  even from cavalo.

Perfect for you, check it out:

Always try to be with you when you go hiking, as it can be very dangerous in the event of an accident. In addition to being careful not to slip or step crookedly on uneven floors.

Pay close attention to key points along the way so that you can locate yourself on the way back and not get lost.


Pay attention to what is a trail and what is a shortcut; take the same path on the way back.


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