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The waterfall, waterfall, waterfall, cascade, jump, catadupa or cataract is a geomorphological formation in which a watercourse runs over a rock composition resistant to erosion, forming steps with a pronounced unevenness.


Waterfall is the part of a river where a sudden drop in the riverbed causes a large volume of water to fall. Waterfalls enchant for their beauty and the strong energy they transmit.


It can also form due to movements in the earth's crust that cause huge blocks of rock to rise or fall.

We separate for you some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil:

Cataract - It has this name when the waterfall is of great flow and in the form of a curtain.

Salto - It has this name when the fall is in the form of a splash, and in an uninterrupted fall from a great height.

Waterfall - It has this name when the fall is from a mass of rocks with an irregular inclination, in the vertical direction, with which the water slides over a series of uneven slopes.

Perfect for you, check it out:

Always try to be with you when hiking to a waterfall, as it can be very dangerous in the event of an accident. 

Be very careful not to slip on uneven floors, be aware of key points along the way to find your way around and not get lost. extreme care   so as not to leave   the trail and take a shortcut, always return by the same path.


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