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Forte de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios- Fernando de Noronha
Fort of N. Senhora dos Remédios

The Fort of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Fernando de Noronha is located in the north of the island at dominant position over the anchorage in the bay of Santo Antônio and was practically in ruins.

The fort underwent a requalification work, the  work began in  January 2018 and 30 professionals were mobilized for this endeavor.

The requalification reconstituted the chapel and the original spaces were redone. “The work provided for a cultural sector, with the installation of bathrooms and a commercial area. 


This fortification was built on the ruins of an old Dutch position dating back to the eve of the second of the Dutch invasions of Brazil, abandoned after the capitulation of Campo do Taborda.

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Administered by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, at the beginning of 1986 the tourist exploration of the archipelago began.


On World Environment Day, it was declared an Environmental Protection Area, allowing the rational tourist exploration of the place, in order to preserve its ecosystem, especially marine life.

We still don't get the pictures of the place after the renovation but we can  show you the location and how it was before the renovation.

The place will make the tourist fall in love with the structure, beauty   and the history  that the place shelters.

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The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Fort is located at BR-363, Fernando de Noronha - PE, 53990-000.

A historic, beautiful place, full of learning  cannot be missed on your tour.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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