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Pico da Pedra Camboriú
Peak of Pedra Camboriu

The Pico da Pedra Camboriú Trail is quite spacious, the forest  preserved making nature the most interesting focus during the route.   one of the highest points  making it one of the most sought after in addition to having a panoramic view, the highest point is approximately 667 meters really high.


The trail is located on Congonha hill its access is allowed to everyone, if you are a beginner it is worth mentioning that there are  very steep climbs, some points of dense forest in addition to ropes, closer to the end of the trail the interesting thing is to be with people that you already know or are super well prepared.

Get ready to witness a fabulous, enchanting sight. from there, tourists can see well-known places such as  Florianópolis, Balneário Camboriú, São Francisco do Sul island, and Itapema.

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The trail is approximately 18 km from the center, at Pico da Pedra in Camboriú. There are two paths to the trails that give access, the access considered more peaceful the visitor can arrive by car very close, through Rua Congonhas, Rio Pequeno. then an average of  1:40 minutes, 

There is parking nearby where the tourist can leave before continuing, there are signs, making a strong point to make the tour safer and more relaxing.

Always be very well prepared, keep all the necessary requirements for a great tour.

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 Learn More  Location:

Pico da Pedra Camboriú is located at Rua congonha, S/N - Bairro Rio Pequeno, Camboriú - SC, 88340-000

A trail with great views, perfect for adventurers looking for great places for beautiful photographs.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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