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Praia de Cabeçudas - Balneário Camboriú
Praia de Cabeçudas

Praia de Cabeçudas located in the city of Itajaí, it became the main beach in the region, attracting a great audience and the one with the best infrastructure, its calm waters and the Farol de Cabeçudas, a lookout point where you can see a large part of the city.

The beach has a very intense movement along the entire length of the beach. The sea is usually not very agitated and ends up attracting all kinds of people who like to be calm and float in the salty waters.

From October to March, when it is high season in the region, Praia de Cabeçudas receives a high number of visitors. making the beach the ideal place to rest and enjoy the sea, the strip of sand and the natural beauties that the region offers.

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Cabeçudas beach is a good place to relax, take a walk along the sand, enjoy the refreshing sea water and relax. drink a drink or juice from the kiosks, bars, restaurants  in addition to being able to stay at the inns that are close to the beach.


Some tourists take advantage of the summer to play volleyball, soccer or even racquetball, others venture out to surf. At night, the boardwalk is illuminated.

The beach is a beautiful attraction for visitors to the region, it's worth checking out at any time you like.

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Praia de Cabeçudas is located at Rua Juvêncio Taváres D'amaral  , Itajaí.

Beach to relax with your family, enjoy and enjoy the peace that the place offers.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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