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Praia do Abraãozinho - Ilha Grande
Abraaozinho beach

Abraãozinho is an excellent choice for those with children, calm, shallow, almost transparent waters.


Access to bar and restaurant services also facilitates and is the salvation for those who do not give up kiosks with cold beer and snacks on the beach.

It is the best option for those who want to enjoy a sunny day without having to take boat trips. 

It is among the most beautiful beaches on Ilha Grande and can be easily accessed in just half an hour. 

Perfect to relax, enjoy the cozy atmosphere and have a great day of rest.

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The trail that leads to Abraãozinho passes by other small beaches that can enchant as much as it does. 

The beach is a good size and super cozy.


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Those who choose not to take the trail can take a boat taxi from Vila do Abraão and go straight to the beach. 

The beach has a super charming charm, the visit will certainly be one of the best you will ever do.

It is worth remembering to keep all precautions in days, always be very well prepared.

Have fun! 

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