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Praia do Boldró - Fernando de Noronha
Boldró beach

Praia do Boldró in Fernando de Noronha has a predominantly rocky bottom in the west portion and a sandy bottom in the east portion, it is part of the archipelago characterized by a rock formation that is exposed during low tide.

Boldró attracts a large number of surfers from all over, and it also has good snorkeling spots for visitors.


The always crystal clear and greenish sea is an invitation for snorkelers to compete for a privileged spot.

A beach like this cannot leave the photographic record of your trip.

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The highest part of the beach is o Fort of Sao Pedro do Boldró, which serves as a lookout com View privileged view of Morro Dois Irmãos, from where you have a privileged view of the sunset, being one of the points of the island that attracts many tourists to enjoy this spectacle of nature on a daily basis.

The sunset by the beach is a good option in addition to having restaurants with good structure on the boardwalk, a place to relax and enjoy what nature offers, a true wealth waiting to be enjoyed.

The beach is easy to access and rewarding, you'll want to spend the entire day enjoying the beauty of the area.

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Praia do Boldró is located in Fernando de Noronha , Pernambuco,  53990-000 .

Beach to stay in memory, a place where it will be recorded in memory.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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