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Praia dos Amores - Balneário Camboriú
Praia dos Amores

Praia dos Amores is approximately 6km from the city center, the sea is usually rough and not recommended for children and the elderly. located very close to Praia do Buraco. known among surfers, has a wonderful vegetation that visitors cannot fail to appreciate.

Its sand is thick and the water is clean and green. The beach has excellent infrastructure, as it has restaurants and kiosks, street vendors and a nightclub next to it.

The vegetation of the beach is one of the most important characteristics of this beach, I emphasize the therapeutic properties of the waters of Praia dos Amores, which are rich in iodine. a little natural help to combat and prevent infections, improve wound healing, ulcers in diabetics, among others.

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The beach has access from   to Morro do Careca, approximately 160 meters high, for the practice of extreme sports  this location is considered one of the best options, such as free flight for example.

The oldest residents of the region report that some couples made love on the trails of this beach and that due to this practice came its name.

On the left side of the beach is  Praia Brava, where it borders Itajaí, which is also a great leisure option.

Praia dos Amores is located along Rodovia Osvaldo Reis or Estrada da Rainha, a great choice for your visit to the region.

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Praia dos Amores is located at Avenida José Medeiros Viêira -  Itajaí, Santa Catarina.

Beach to enjoy nature, enjoy one and appreciate the wonders of the place.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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