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Estátua Brigitte Bardot - Armação de Búzios
Brigitte Bardot statue

Brigitte Bardot was a woman nBorn in Paris on September 28, 1934, her full name was Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot.


She received a very strict upbringing. it was in her youth that the actress began her career as an actress and singer, becoming known worldwide in 1957, at the age of 23.  Brigitte starred in the film “And God created woman”.

In January 1964, Brigitte Bardot chose Armação de Búzios, a small fishing village at the time, to spend her vacation. After that, the place,  would become known as Brigitte Bardot's secret paradise.

From then on, the actress  became the biggest sex symbol of this era. Away from cinema since the 1970s, she was also an animal rights activist, giving strong statements on the subject to the press.


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Brigitte Bardot's visit to Armação de Búzios became news in newspapers and magazines around the world, estimatesIt is known that this period leveraged the economic, cultural and even architectural development of the city.


The actress visited Búzios again and this time she stayed in a house on the current Rua das Pedras, but no longer anonymously. His previous visit had already been reported and the press went to the place.

The harassment of reporters and photographers turned the stay into an unpleasant moment. After New Year's Eve 1965, Brigitte Bardot never returned to the city.

Today, statues of Brigette Bardot can be found near the place where she had visited, in places where she could possibly have rested and enjoyed the view.

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The statue of Brigette Bardot is located at  Avenida José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, Armação de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro.

It is worth stopping and taking a good picture with the statue, imagining what it could feel or resting in a place as beautiful as it still is today.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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