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Serra das Emerências - Armação de Búzios
Serra das Emerências

Serra das Emerências in Armação de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro is one of the highest points in the region. The area is an ecological reserve protected by the Costa do Sol State Park, surrounded by bromeliads, giant cactus and rare species from the Atlantic Forest, a very interesting place.

The area is part of the pau-brasil reserve in Rio de Janeiro, primary vegetation and also has endangered animals such as the collared sloth, the golden lion tamarin and the capuchin monkey.

There are approximately 180 meters, extreme sports goers often visit the area a lot and from there it is possible to see hang gliding and paragliding athletes, which makes the place even more attractive for those looking to fly with instructors.

Some visitors seek the Serra das Emerências for trails, chiking and biking in order to maintain direct contact with nature,  the place has visitors with different purposes, because attracts people with different interests.

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Visitors looking to reach the highest level of the mountain  will take a light hike, following a route of approximately3.2 kilometers.

Serra das Emerências is in a position considered to be between the beaches of Tucuns and José Gonçalves,

The view is fantastic, the tourist can have a panoramic view of the Búzios peninsula and of some points in the Lagos Region.

When it comes to a trail, it is extremely important that the visitor is accompanied and preferably by someone who knows the place very well, keeps it safe and well equipped and is always very well prepared.

The region is enchanting, they will certainly be beautiful photographs, videos and other memories that only those who visit can have.


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Serra das Emerências  begins at Rua das Emerências, Armação de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro

It will be practically a 40 to 50 minute walk, without major difficulties, it is worth being physically prepared and having knowledge about trails.

Your tour will be very interesting, invigorating and rewarding.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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