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Cachoeira Antares - São Thomé das Letras

The Antares waterfall in São Thomé das Letras MG, without a doubt, is one of the most spectacular in the region, some call it  by  "Waterfall of Conquest", but Antares is much better known,


Its 20-meter-high waterfall forms a lake in the midst of native nature that is approximately 10 meters long and 15 meters wide, with a depth of 2 meters.  a vision of paradise .

Located in a preservation area of São Thomé das Letras. visitors will walk for about 200 meters along a path   little marked by signs.


It is worth remembering the importance of being with a guide or someone experienced who knows the paths.

Antares will be remarkable in its passage through São Thomé.

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Its location is approx. 16 kilometers  from the center, on a detour from the road that leads to Conceição do Rio Verde.  


Visitors will go through a path with roots, clay, some unevenness that will be worth it once they reach the objective.


It is worth remembering that to get to Antares, the tourist will go down a rather steep ravine to the cachoeira, for these reasons, be well prepared and do not take this tour alone.

Some visitors seek the Antares Waterfall to practice abseiling and waterfalls  and that they may be having fun on the same day of their visit.

It is worth setting aside a special day to visit Antares,  the place is fantastic, very beautiful.


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 Learn More  Location:

Antares Waterfall is located at  São Thomé das Letras - MG, 37418-000

A perfection for those who seek to enjoy nature, enjoy the native vegetation.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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