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São Thomé das Letras
São Thomé das Letras

Its name is due to a legend about the supposed finding at the end of the 18th century of a statue of São Tomé in a cave by João Antão, an escaped slave of João Francisco Junqueira, together with a perfectly written letter (impossible for a slave illiterate).


Another version of the legend says that the letter would have been delivered in the cave to João Antão by a gentleman in white robes.


Presenting the letter to its former owner, as ordered by the white-robed lord, João Antão would have achieved his manumission, as João Francisco Junqueira would have been quite impressed by the slave's report and would have even ordered the construction of a church next to the said cave, which is now located in what is now the Center of São Tomé das Letras.


Cachoeiras de São Thomé das Letras
Waterfalls of São Thomé das Letras

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Ponto Turístico de São Thomé das Letras

São Tomé das Letras is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is located 346 km from the state capital.
Its population in 2010, according to the census carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, was 6,655 inhabitants.

Typically mountainous, built on a large mineral deposit of quartzite from the Neoproterozoic, which is known as "stone of São Thomé" and which is widely used in paving the edges of swimming pools, in the construction of some houses in the municipality, in paving the streets and in elaboration of local handicrafts.

São Thomé das Letras Landmark

Its rustic air, typical of the interior of Minas Gerais, and its mountainous location, elevated at 1,440 meters above sea level (allowing the observation of practically the entire surrounding region) make the city a favorite destination for many enthusiastic tourists. of nature and people linked to the arts in general, having even been the setting for the miniseries.

The city also attracts visitors in search of alleged UFO sightings in the city.


There are several must-visit options, such as Gruta São Tomé, Gruta do Carimbado, Casa da Pirâmide, rock formations (Pedra da Bruxa is the most famous), the waterfalls Eubiose, Véu de Noiva, Paraíso, Lua, Antares, among others.

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