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Cachoeira da Feiticeira - Ilha Grande
Witch Waterfall

With a 12 m high waterfall, the waterfall forms a perfect pool to cool off after the walk. Access is via T2, which is super signposted and takes an average of 3 hours, leaving   from Vila do Abraão.


It is not easy to reach, there are steep climbs and descents and it is advisable to use specific footwear for trails.   

The Feiticeira Waterfall has a unique beauty, which exalts, seems to bewitch visitors who plan to come back again and again, it is certainly one of the best hikes you can do when visiting Ilha Grande

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There is a way to visit the waterfall without taking such an extensive trail, walking from Praia da Feiticeira to the waterfall.

Access can be made by boats departing from Vila do Abraão.

From there, the trail lasts half an hour and offers beautiful viewpoints. 

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Always have repellent, sunscreen and money with you.

Do not hike any of the trails alone.

Take a good walk. have a good time!

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