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Praia de Araçatiba - Ilha Grande
Araçatiba beach

The name “Araçatiba”  comes from Tupi (indigenous language). ARAÇÁ means “fruit that has eyes” and TIBA means “a lot”. Araçá is a fruit similar to guava that, in the past, was abundant in the region of Araçatiba.

Araçatiba cove is located in the southern part of Ilha Grande, located between Ponta da Cobra and Ponta Grande.


A quiet corner, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and with a good tourist structure for visitors who want direct contact with nature.

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Araçatiba has several inns, camping and accommodation that offer customers much more than a simple place to sleep.


Nossa Senhora da Lapa church is one of the main tourist attractions on the beach.

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Araçatiba is the main starting point for incredible trails or  by boat

If you visit Ilha Grande, you cannot miss going to  there.

  It's worth knowing!

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