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Cachoeira da Gato - Ilhabela
Cat Waterfall

The Gato Waterfall in Ilhabela is  one of the most requested attractions having the the second largest waterfall on the island, approximately 50 meters high, in addition to  beautiful natural pools.

The Cachoeira do Gato Trail is part of the Ilhabela State Park and starts at the left corner of Praia de Castelhanos  and to reach Castelhanos beach you will have to take a jeep trail, starting from the city.  


The view from Cachoeira do Gato is simply stunning, worthy of being appreciated and enjoyed to the fullest, The walk goes through the forest and the route lasts about  40 minutes until you reach the top of the waterfall.

 Check out  some  images we selected for you:

Praia de Castelhanos is on the side of the island facing the Atlantic Ocean, with difficult access, about 17 km from the central part of the island, close to the ferry.


Until the entrance to the Ilhabela State Park, the road, although dirt,  and it is only possible to continue in a 4×4 vehicle.

An adventure that you will have to plan very well so as not to be taken by surprise.

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A Cachoeira do Gato  is Enxovas, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000

Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Cachoeira bem  inviting, a place worth checking out.


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