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Beautiful island

One of the most rugged landscapes in the Brazilian coastal region, with all the characteristics of young terrain.


Ilhabela is one of the municipalities in São Paulo considered seaside resorts for fulfilling certain prerequisites defined by State Law.


This status guarantees the fifteen municipalities a greater budget from the State for the promotion of regional tourism.


The municipality acquires the right to add the title of Estância Balneária to its name, a term by which it is designated both by the official municipal record and by state references.

Praias de Ilhabela
Ilhabela Beaches

The first inhabitants of the archipelago were fishermen and gatherers who lived in open-air camps near beaches and bays.

The researchers deduce that these inhabitants rarely explored the forests, probably only picking fruits and ingredients for medicines.

This was possible thanks to the discovery of pre-colonial archaeological sites on the islands of Vitória, Búzios and dos Pescadores.
The collections of shells, seafood and ceramics left by them are the only remains that archaeologists have to study them.

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Trilhas de Ilha Bela
trails in Ilhabela
Cachoeiras de Ilha Bela

The climate is humid coastal tropical or Atlantic tropical.


February is the hottest month, with a maximum temperature of 30 °C and the coldest is July with a minimum of 15 °C.

It has a hot and humid climate, with an average annual temperature of 23 °C and precipitation of 1,646 mm/year, more concentrated in the summer months.

Very high areas (above 1,000 m) tend to have temperatures well below those of the part that is at sea level.


Due to the altitude differences, it is possible for different climates to occur in Ilhabela, such as the high-altitude tropical or even subtropical in the mountainous areas and peaks.


Ilhabela Waterfalls

Tourism drives the economy during the season. The population can multiply up to five times at that time.

Ilhabela was honored at the São Paulo Carnival in 2016 through the samba school with the theme "The most famous village is the most beautiful, Ilhabela da Fantasia"


It was also one of the 65 tourism-inducing cities in the country and a sun and sea destination in the state for the 2014 World Cup.

A survey conducted in November 2014 showed that 66% of the local population was in favor of controlling visitor access to the island

Every year the number of tourists grows. Ilhabela is known for its beaches, waterfalls, trails.


Ilhabela's Landmark
Ponto Turístico de Ilha Bela
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