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Fenda Nossa Senhora da Assunção - Arraial do Cabo
Slit N. Senhora da Assunção

The Crevice of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, is a rocky crevice, The story tells that the saint was found in the crevice by a fisherman in  1721, who was taken in solemn procession to the Nossa Senhora da Assunção church Asunción in Cabo Frio, at that time Arraial do Cabo belonged to Cabo Frio.


This fact is narrated in the book "The other Cabo Frio" by Luiz Carlos da Cunha, This crevice is approximately 5 meters wide and 40 meters high.


Currently, another image of the Saint has been placed both in the Church of Cabo Frio and inside the crevice in Arraial do Cabo.

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This opening is approximately 5 meters wide and 40 meters high.


The opening reaches almost sea level, but before that there is a rocky part, the exact place where the statue of the Saint is sheltered.

One of the most impactful tourist attractions in the region, a rich, enchanting history that makes visitors want to take a closer look.

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Located Ilha do, Arraial do Cabo - RJ, 28930-000

The Rift has become a seaside attraction  between two cliffs.

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Enjoy this marvel.



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