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Cachoeira Janela do Céu - Ibitipoca
Window of Heaven

The Janela do Céu waterfall in Ibitipoca Minas Gerais is one of the best known in the region   Located in the municipalities of Lima Duarte and Santa Rita do Ibitipoca, within the  Parque_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ which houses 1488 hectares of reserved area  in the Zona da Mata in southeastern Brazil.


constituted  by a huge quartzite, hundreds of years ago, Ibitipoca has beautiful waterfalls and fantastic caves.

To get to Janela do Céu you will have to travel for a long time, but you will be graced by a beautiful landscape. it will be approximately 8 kilometers and the tourist must be in good physical condition  totaling 16 round trips.

There are some caves along the way. In addition to the Janela do Céu, visitors will see other attractions that will certainly enchant anyone due to their beauty and diversity.

Janela do Céu is one of Ibitipoca's favorite places, a waterfall located within the Ibitipoca State Park, in Minas Gerais.

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The waterfall will be accessed by a   trail with little technical difficulty, it becomes exhausting for some due to physical preparation.


The Janela do Céu Circuit is the most suitable way to visit where the visitor will also see other attractions, but the waterfall is the main attraction within this itinerary.


  The waterfall has nearby vegetation and rock walls from which you can see a beautiful landscape.

A fantastic tour that you can do and take beautiful pictures.


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The trail to Janela do Céu in Ibitipoca will start near the entrance of the Park, it is worth noting the first kilometers of steep climb.

Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

It is recommended to take the tour with someone experienced, take all the necessary measures so as not to be caught in a hurry.

Place worth checking out.


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