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"Ibitipoca" is a term of Tupi origin that means "mountain blown", "saw split", through the junction of  ("mountain") and  ("to burst "). This term alludes to the lightning and thunder that fell in the Ibitipoca mountain range.

With an area of 1,488 hectares, it is located three kilometers from the district of Conceição do Ibitipoca. Created on July 4, 1973, it is administered by the Minas Gerais State Forestry Institute.


Entrance to the park is paid and is limited to three hundred visitors per day during the week and eight hundred visitors on weekends and holidays.

The Parque Estadual do Ibitipoca is a forest park located in the municipality of Lima Duarte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Trilhas de Ibitipoca

The climate is tropical at altitude, with mild and rainy summers, with November, December and January being the wettest and cold and dry winters, with June, July and August being the driest months.

Access to the park is via a road of about 27 km from the BR-267 highway in Lima Duarte to the village of Conceição de Ibitipoca. Part of the stretch is on a dirt road, but its steepest stretch, between Fazenda do Engenho and the camp, is paved, as are other stretches.

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