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Letreiro Maceió
Maceio Sign

Sign "Eu Amo Maceió" in Pajuçara- Maceió is a totem very coveted by visitors to the region.

It was built to promote Maceio's 200th anniversary, one of the highlights, practically right for photographs.


It is a tourist spot that naturally gains countless tourists from all over the world daily, its colors tend to vary, today the monument is made of concrete, but it was once made of metal.

Close to beautiful beaches and strong commerce, it is not difficult to get to know, practically staying on the itineraries for several places that visitors are moving to, however  is very close to the beach of Ponta Verde.

 Check out  some  images we selected for you:

The monument is very dear to many people, it attracts tourists and locals alike, and has been receiving care, as well as all public facilities.

the totem  was installed in 2014, removed and replaced with a more resistant material.

Commerce is quite diversified nearby, it is always worth remembering to draw a great route to enjoy the beauties of every possible place.

You will love taking fun pictures, be sure to visit this sign.

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 Learn More  Location:

The "I love Maceió" sign is located at  Avenida Silvio Carlos Viana,  Pajuçara - Maceió.

A place with a perfect view, wonderful climate and that you cannot miss visiting and registering memories of such a magical trip through this region, it is worth knowing this super charming sign.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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