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Pajuçara is a neighborhood and a beach in Maceió of the capital of Alagoas in Brazil, where the Severiano Gomes Filho Stadium is located, the neighborhood is approximately 2 km from the city center.


It has beaches with calm waters thanks to the reefs that make it safe for swimming, especially for children.


Near the Pajuçara handicraft fair, it is also where the rafts leave for the natural pools formed by coral reefs, where tourists can find floating bars.


Praias de Pajuçara
Beaches of Pajuçara

Pajuçara is a vibrant tourist coast with hotels and inns (hostels), bars, nightclubs, pubs, good restaurants, etc.
Tourism is the most important segment of the district, as the district of Pajuçara has beautiful beaches with calm and blue waters. reefs and corals.

Pajuçara is a place for entertainment, healthy activities, cultural activities, meetings and nightlife.
It has a tropical forest with several common characteristics of trees 

Typically tropical climate, with temperatures varying throughout the year. However, these conditions are alleviated by the near absence of temperature extremes and pleasant trade winds ​​ blowing in from the ocean.
January is the hottest month, with average highs of 31°C and lows of 22°C; July experiences the mildest temperatures, with averages of 26°C and 15°C.
The absolute maximum and minimum are respectively 33°C and 11.3°C.

Ponto Turístico de Pajuçara

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Tourist Point of Pajuçara
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