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Parque municipal Raimundo Gonçalez Malta - Balneário Camboriú
Raimundo Gonçalez Malta

The Raimundo Gonçalez Malta Municipal Natural Park, in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, has Trapiche on the banks of the Camboriú River for use by Environmental Inspection vessels and for visiting tourists.

The park is a space where tourists participate in the best ecological education, a unique vegetation where the visitor will have direct contact with nature, seeing countless species of animals living in harmony.

The space has a nursery for the production of native tree seedlings, a medicinal plant garden, trails, a garden, a labyrinth and marble sculptures. contains the Secretariat's technical,  administrative and Environment sectors.

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There are activities aimed at preserving the environment, are theapproximately 250 thousand m² of area, an Atlantic forest vegetation next to the mangrove and with a very rich fauna and flora.


The tourist will be able to visit the trails, enjoy a wooden deck over the Camboriú River mangrove, which also serves as an observatory for the ecosystem, in addition to other super enchanting activities.

The tour will undoubtedly be a marvel, you won't be able to miss out on your itinerary.

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Raimundo Gonçalez Malta Municipal Natural Park is located at 122, Alameda Delfim de Pádua Peixoto Filho, 2 - Municipalities, Balneário Camboriú - SC.

Space to have fun, relax and enjoy one  nature.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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