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Passarela da Barra - Balneário Camboriú
Barra catwalk

Passarela da Barra located in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, goes beyond a suspended access, available for pedestrians and cyclists,  it also connects neighborhoods giving a privileged view of the waterfront._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Its inauguration was  in September 2016, allowing access to the Barra neighborhood and the seafront of Balneário Camboriú, today the footbridge is one of the most visited tourist spots in the region,  attracting many visitors marveling at the view that one has of the place.

It is very tall and elegant, it is 190 m long and its height can be  equivalent to a building with more than 20 floors.

Not only pedestrians can pass through the walkway, skateboarders and cyclists in a moderate way.

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His name is Manoel Firmino Rocha, the name given to  first ferryman on the Camboriú river. to work on the crossing around 1950.

Tourists can visit the catwalk  via stairs and elevators, there are no fees to be charged,   access is free and is  24h .

It's worth taking a walk there and being able to visualize the beauties that Balneário conveys from a unique angle.

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Passarela da Barra is located at Av. Norman Tedesco, 1743 - Center, Balneário Camboriú - SC

A remarkable visit, with a panoramic view,  a place with a unique beauty in Balneário Camboriú.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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