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Poço das Cobras - Rio de Janeiro
Snake Pit

Poço das Cobras is located within the Municipal Natural Park of Nova Baixada Fluminense, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, located 40 km from the state capital.


The park offers around 8km of signposted trails that take visitors to the beautiful Poço das Cobras Waterfall.

The well   offers a place for bathers and even a good dip for the bravest.


The water has a greenish tint, the reflection gives it a hue that matches the environment, the well is given an opportune name because it is beautiful, full of resources offered by the surrounding vegetation.

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To enter the park you must present an original identification document with a photo. Inside the unit it is not allowed to carry a firearm, glassware, and knife.


Nor is the entry of chemical products, such as hair cream, authorized. The exception is for the use of repellents and sunscreens.

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To  visit the waterfall it will be necessary to check some recommendations from the Park  where it is located.

It ends at Estrada da Cachoeira, Nova Iguaçu Municipal Natural Park, in Nova Iguaçu - Rio de Janeiro.

Be sure to enjoy and see the other attractions that the place offers.

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