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Praia de João Fernandinho - Armação de Búzios
Joao Fernandinho beach

Praia de João Fernandinho in Armação de Búzios Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by some rocks, coastal vegetation and some trees  which make the place a delight. 


The beach has characteristics similar to  a natural swimming pool, the hue of   water is blue transparent, clear and extremely inviting, very calm sea, perfect for a good dip to relax refresh.


Its sands have orange colors in a very simple slope,  with approximately 200 meters 

João Fernandinho is an ideal beach for those looking to relax, but on low season days, as it is one of the most beautiful beaches, its public is increasing and in summer visitors can find a larger number.

Praia de João Fernandinho is one of the most graced by the beauty of the place, certainly your walk will be very well rewarded by the climate that infects the environment.

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Praia de João Fernandinho  is located in the extreme north of Búzios,  is a continuation of Praia de João Fernandes, practically separated by a small hill with vegetation and rocks.

Tourists will find  good infrastructure nearby that meet the basic needs of visitors, many regulars end up taking food, chairs and umbrellas, which can also be provided by local workers.

To get to the beach the  tourist must cross  a small hill through a staircase that starts at João Fernandes beach, without major problems, the crossing will be very smooth.

Paria with a touch of selectivity, a place that pleases everyone, take great pictures, enjoy to recharge your energies.

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Praia de João Fernandinho is located at  Rua Praia de João Fernandes, Armação de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro.

Visitors should enter João Fernandes beach and head left until they find access to João Fernandinho beach.

One of the best places to relax, be in peace and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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