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Praia do Canto - Armação de Búzios
Praia do Canto

Praia do Canto in Armação dos Búzios - Rio de Janeiro has a good  length compared to the beaches in the region, about 1500 meters long, right in the center of the city

Its clear waters usually have colors ranging from green to blue, its sands give a reddish touch and it is a very attractive scenario.

The beach usually has few bathers, but it will depend on the time of year, in high season the public tends to increase  considerably.

It is a good option for your leisure days, especially when it comes to the proximity to the center. and from there visitors can   discover Praia dos Amores. The path is covered by the stones by the sea. 

Praia do Canto has a special touch that invites the public to appreciate the simplicity amidst the beauties together with the energy that the place exudes.

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This beach is very close to Rua das Pedras, one of the most popular streets in Búzios, it does not have a long stretch of sand, much less a boardwalk, instead there are buildings on the beachfront like  inns, houses , Bars and restaurants.


 The beach is perfect for those looking for practicality, a bar in front of the beach, diving in calm waters and then returning to a noble restaurant or bar, even staying on the sands.

The scenery at Praia do Canto is fantastic, there are numerous boats  close to the shore, the pier is very close and a breathtaking view.

The beach provides comfort different from others in the region, it is worth including it in your itinerary when you are in Armação de Búzios.

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 Learn More  Location:

Praia do Canto is located at  Avenida José Bento Ribeiro Bantas, Armação de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro.

The visitor will have to follow  walking   along the beach after the pier,  until reaching Praia do Canto., approximately 400 meters.

This could be one of the best options for tourists who don't want to leave the center, the beach is quite pleasant.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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