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Praia da Parnaioca - Ilha Grande
Parnaioca beach

At one end of this beach, the Parnaioca River flows, which is charming, forming a small lagoon on the beach.


In the golden age of Parnaioca, its river was much more voluminous, almost impossible to cross it in times of heavy rains.

Facing the Atlantic with its yellowish and thick sand, the sea is rough, deep and with little shade. It is  approximately  1km long.


The beautiful Praia da Parnaioca is one of the most isolated beaches in all of Ilha Grande.



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A place to be  fully integrated with nature, without the distractions of modernity.

In the camping areas, energy is provided by an electric generator. Cell phone signal is very weak or non-existent.

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You can visit the beach by taking the trail from Vila de Dois Rios   along the T16 trail that ends at Praia da Parnaioca or by boat from Praia do Adventurer.

The place is a delight!

Clear waters, empty beach, worth a visit!

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