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Praia de Fora Ilha do Mel
Praia de Fora

Praia de Fora in Ilha do Mel is one of the most beautiful and sought after beaches on the entire island.

When the tide is high, many surfers end up coming because there are great  waves for the sport, when it is low, bathers come to enjoy the natural pools that are formed temporarily, the beach pleases many and there will always be visitors  enjoying their season.

Praia de Fora  has a very green native vegetation, beautiful rocky shores at the ends and a super positive energy, making tourists enchanted with the set that the beach presents.

They are on average 400 meters long with a perfect view of Farol das Conchas from where a good part of the island can be seen.


It has an excellent stretch of sand where many can practice sports, lie down to relax, read a book, enjoy nature and even a good walk along the edge, it offers good leisure options for its visitors.

A beach like this will not be left out of your itinerary, put it on your list of priorities that you visit will be one of the best.

 Check out  some  images we selected for you:

A  clean water at an excellent temperature, one of the observations that visitors do not fail to comment on, making it one of the favorite places to spend the day bathing, but remember to be prepared,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ bring your chair  and sunscreen,   the heat can be intense and a spare will be necessary.

The beach is very well located, close to the Lighthouse and approximately 25 minutes by easy trail, leaving Nova Brasília.


The visitor will be able to appreciate the native forest and several birds that usually fly nearby.

A remarkable tour, get ready to take good pictures, but don't forget to always be well prepared for any unforeseen events.

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 Learn More  Location:

Praia de Fora is located in  Ilha do Mel state park, Paranaguá, PR.

The tourist will have to follow the enchanted road and at the end, turn to the right, so he will arrive at Praia de Fora.

A perfect beach to  relax,  enjoy the beauty of the place, enjoy nature together.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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