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T7 - Araçatiba - Gruta do Acaiá - Ilha Grande
T07 Araçatiba - Acaiá Cave

T7 - Araçatiba - Gruta do Acaiá  5200 m / 5300 m - 3h30 (medium level - steep circuit).

AND  famous for reflecting the sunlight inside it through the water, creating a show of light and color.

Until Praia Vermelha, the trail is practically flat. From there, the ascent is strong at first, then follows the crest of the mountain range until it begins to descend towards the cave. 

The Gruta do Acaiá, an impressive cave whose exit is at the bottom of the sea, a place you cannot miss.

On the way you will have calm beaches, wild animals, Nossa Senhora da Lapa Church and the Acaiá Cave as attractions.

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For this trail it is necessary to take a flashlight, water, repellent, sunscreen and money.

Access to the interior of the Grotto requires payment in cash.

Distance: 10,400m –10,800m (round trip)
Time: 6 – 6h30min
Middle level
Maximum altitude: 200m

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Always have repellent, sunscreen and money with you.

Do not hike any of the trails alone.

Take a good walk. have a good time!

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