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T8 - Araçatiba - Provetá - Ilha Grande
T08 Araçatiba - Provetá

T8 - Araçatiba - Provetá 4500m / 4700 m - 2h30 (medium level - steep circuit). 

Good hike for lovers of more closed trails as it cuts through some of the native forest of Ilha Grande and leads directly to the village of Provetá.

In Tupi-Guarani test tube means between the stones, or on top of them. when entering by boat along the cove's lacy coastline, you'll see rocks and only then the beach. 

T8 gradually becomes steeper and with many curves and steep sections,  only afterwards will the trail show a brief descent.

On the way you will have mussel cultivation, beautiful beaches, wild animals and an evangelical community.

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Distance: 4,500m – 4,700m
Time: 2h30min – 3h
Middle level
Maximum altitude: 200m

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Always have repellent, sunscreen and money with you.

Do not hike any of the trails alone.

Take a good walk. have a good time!

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