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Cachoeira da Eubiose - São Thomé das Letras
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The Cachoeira da Eubiose in São Thomé das Letras MG is preferred by visitors to the region, even for being only 3 kilometers from the center of São Thomé.


It is considered one of the most beautiful, located in an area of environmental preservation and surrounded by native vegetation,  it has an enchanting beauty, a fantastic energy and tourists will certainly visit it._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Its strongest point is considered  by  short waterfall making a super inviting natural pool to bathe in, shallow and perfect to enjoy the day integrated with nature.


Families with children go to Cachoeira da Eubiose because of its very practical access, easy trail and super welcoming place.

It will be one of the first on your list, for sure.

 Check out  some  images we selected for you:

At the top of the waterfall there are smaller falls that please those who seek comfort with friends, as a bonus the visitor can visit another waterfall that is nearby, a Flavio Waterfall,quite sought after. where the beauty of the region will be notorious.

Cachoeira da Eubiose is on the road that goes to Sobradinho in the Canta Galo neighborhood.

The route is well signposted by signs, access from São Thomé to the waterfall is easy, and can even be done by a leisurely walk, then a journey of approximately 120 meters by trail to Eubiose.

Record fantastic moments and don't forget the importance of being well accompanied, stay safe and prepared wherever you are.

This tour will be memorable.

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 Learn More  Location:

The Eubiose Waterfall is located at  Estrada do Sobradinho S/N, São Thomé das Letras - MG, 37408-000

Beach to relax, enjoy nature, enjoy the native vegetation, contemplate nature.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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