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Lage Waterfall

Cachoeira da Lage, located inside Fazenda da Lage, is considered   one of the best places to spend the day in Ilhabela. the waters of the river form dozens of small falls with crystalline natural pools.


The region is covered by the lush Atlantic Forest where it will be possible to see several specimens of exotic animals and flowers. 


The Waterfall ends up being a refreshing point for those who go on foot to Praia do Bonete, or for those looking to visit   a relaxing place like Cachoeira da Lage.

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Access is via the trail that leads to Bonete beach inside the state park sheading south, the Lage waterfall can initially be accessed by the road that will lead to a wooden gate from where the trail will begin.


About 1 hour walk, approximately 3 kilometers to Cachoeira da Lage, for those who go by car, by bus it will be 5 kilometers to it, which has a well and a natural slide that leave tourists enchanted with the beauty of the place.

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The Lage Waterfall is close to  Avenida Governador Mario Covas Júnior, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000

Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

A waterfall that you cannot miss, with that special touch, a place worth checking out.


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