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Cascatinha Taunay - Rio de Janeiro
Taunay Waterfall

Nícolas-Antoine Taunay, member of the French artistic mission of 1816 at the invitation of D. João XI. Taunay was the first great nobleman to go to the forest, being the great promoter of that place. Later he built his house on the edge of the waterfall, which is now named after him.

There is a stone bridge right in front of the Waterfall in the shape of a Roman arch, it was built in 1860 at the time of the Empire. The view from there gives Cascatinha a certain charm, making the visit a fantastic experience. 

The Taunay house was demolished in 1946. The old Cascatinha restaurant was built on the site, which is currently in the process of being prepared and renovated to house a café and a new restaurant.

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Cascatinha Taunay is one of the prettiest among them all.

The vegetation of Parque da Tijuca added to the mountainous relief of the city provides  incredible waterfalls due to the rock formation, satisfying the joy of tourists and inhabitants of the region. 


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Cascatinha Taunay is located on Cascatinha Road, just 500m from the entrance to the Park - very close to Praça Afonso Viseu-.


It is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm - until 6 pm in summer time.

But unfortunately bathing is prohibited.

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