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Cruzeiro - São Thomé das Letras

The Cruzeiro de São Thomé das Letras was erected in the colonial period, it is approximately 4m high, and around it that the first settlements emerged. made of  wood, and is located in the highest part of the city, close to the pyramid.


It is one of the attractions of Antônio Rosa Municipal Park. perfect alternative for those who don't want to stay in the pyramid house when   see the sun rise. 

The Cruzeiro, according to reports, dates from the colonial period. that due to an event of nature, lightning knocked down the cross, being changed from the place where it originally appeared, now it is the pyramid house.

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During the night, many tourists stay nearby   talking, interacting and enjoying the atmosphere of harmony that the environment exudes.

The environment is perfect, the place has a totally free view to whichever side the visitor wants to observe, it is worth preparing to withstand strong winds or cold to be able to connect with the local energy


At dawn, it is likely that some vendors will offer breakfast, if the objective is to stay to see the sunrise.

A place that cannot be out of the plans in its days for São Thomé das Letras.

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Cruzeiro is very close to the Pyramid,  Ra Antônio Cardoso Sobrinho - São Thomé das Letras MG

Get ready for strong positive energies that will be hovering in the air, remember to record amazing moments.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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