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Gruta de São Thomé  - São Thomé das Letras
Saint Thomas Grotto

The São Thomé Cave has a very interesting history, so much so that it helped in the formation of the city of São Thomé. There are reports that the slave at the time João Antão had hidden in his master's cave and stayed there for a long time, eating berries, roots and fish.

One fine day, a gentleman with light clothes and fine features suddenly appeared in front of   the slave asking the reason for his stay in the cave for that period. So the slave told the story to the old master.


After listening to the slave's story, the man  wrote a note and handed it over, asking  to be delivered to his master  and promising him that he would be released.

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The request was obeyed by the slave after the master read the letter,  was astonished, very unusual for that time. 


ANDso it solved  go to the cave where the slave had been, but found no one else. in addition to the presence of a small image identified as being of São Thomé, apostle of Christ, carved in wood.


Thus, the owner of the farm decided to place it in the chapel, now replaced by the Igreja Matriz, forgiving the slave for his escape.

A rather charming story, which helped shape the place.
It's worth the visit to check out the energy.

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The São Thomé Cave is located at  Alameda Va Martins, São Thomé das Letras - MG.

A space rich in its history, which helped in the formation of the city.

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