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Fortaleza N. Senhora d. Prazeres
Our Lady Fortress

The Fortress of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres  built between 1750 - 1777 also known as Fortaleza da Barra or Fortaleza de Paranaguá, is certainly one of the most fantastic monuments in all Ilha do Mel

The fortification features an organic polygonal structure, adjusted to the conditions  of the terrain. On the slope of Morro da Baleia, its construction involves five parts of stone and lime masonry walls approximately ten meters high, and all the material used is extracted from Ilha do Mel.

This fortification was intended for the strategic defense of the old town of Paranaguá, keeping gold and wood safe.

A fortification with a very interesting history, which remains to this day.

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The vaulted spaces under the embankment were used as a Garrison House and prison, with the Troop Barracks built under the wall's inner curtain.

Inside the fortification, a chapel was built under the invocation of the patron saint. This building was demolished in 1932, by order of the then commander of the fortress, due to its precarious state of conservation.

Certainly it will be one of the favorite places to visit during your days in Ilha do Mel. far above there is a trail that will take you to an OMorro a Baleia Lookout, where you can see a beautiful landscape.


Always be prepared, take great pictures and enjoy your surroundings.

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The fortress of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres is located on Praia da Fortaleza, at the foot of Morro da Baleia (now known as Fortaleza), on Ilha do Mel, on the coast of the state of Paraná, Brazil.

One of the best places to take great pictures and enjoy a super different place. 

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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